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All vehicles from Adapted Car Hire, as the name suggests, come with some form of adaptation to either assist the driver or the passenger. Below is a guide to all the adaptations that we currently offer on our vehicles. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have with regards additional adaptations that you feel may be of benefit. Why not view our adaptations in action on our YouTube Channel.

Push/Pull Hand ControlsYoutube
A push/pull hand control is a simple single combined lever, mounted on the right side of the steering wheel. It is pushed forwards to apply the brake and is pulled backwards to apply the accelerator. It has an integrated indicator switch mounted on the top.

Push/Pull Hand Controls

Rear Parking Sensors
Rear parking sensors activate automatically as soon as you shift into reverse gear and detect objects behind the vehicle by using ultrasonic impulses. Notification of distance is given to the driver by means of a beeping sound, which becomes more rapid until it becomes continuous when the vehicle is 30cm away from the object.

Rear parking sensors

Removable Pedal Guards
Removable pedal guards prevent accidental operation of the foot controls whilst using the hand controls.

Removable Pedal Guards

Passenger Swivel Seat Youtube
The swivel seat base rotates and slides out of the door sill, enabling the passenger to sit down and then swing their legs smoothly into the car.

Front Passenger Swivel Seat

Quick Release Steering Ball
The quick release steering ball is a driving aid for those who use hand controls, or have limited use of their arms or hands, enabling the driver to use just one hand to steer. The quick release mechanism allows the ball to be removed quickly, converting the vehicle back to standard use via the steering wheel.

Quick Release Steering Ball

Concealed Winch
The concealed winch runs off of a separate power supply, within the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). It assists with the act of putting the wheelchair passenger into the WAV. It is controlled remotely and can be used either by the person in the wheelchair or by an assistant.

Concealed Winch

Left Foot AcceleratorYoutube
This is specially designed for those who have limited or no use of their right leg. The system enables the driver to operate the throttle with the left foot.

Left Foot Accelerator

Automatic Transmission
Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles come with either manual or automatic transmission to suit all drivers.

Automatic Transmission